Why should I use a VPN?

A VPN is a ‘virtual private network’ which creates an encrypted tunnel for your internet data.

When using public or open/unsecured Wi-Fi connections a VPN secures the data you are sending online. All your data including personal messages, pictures and login details will be encrypted between your device and your VPN server.


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(It’s important to remember, a VPN won’t protect you against malicious software and keyloggers could still be used to steal data. It will however provide privacy and anonymity online).

When using a VPN your provider acts as a proxy server and routes all your internet traffic through their server, if your VPN provider has servers in other countries you can connect to these and your connection will appear to be in that county.

It’s handy if you want to access websites or media which only allow access from that country. Or maybe take advantage of another countries privacy laws.

Anybody snooping on your connection will only see your encrypted data.

When using a reputable VPN it is safe to send personal data such as bank details over unsecured Wi-Fi.


A VPN also masks your IP address, when connected to a VPN your IP address will show as that of the server and not your actual IP address. This makes browsing the web much more anonymous.

It prevents your internet service provider from monitoring your activities and possibly slowing down your connection for certain things as well as keeping your true identity and location from websites your are visiting.


VPN’s provide access to the internet in oppressed countries where the internet is heavily censored and restricted. It can bypass restrictions so people can access popular sites such as Facebook and Twitter in countries where social media is prohibited.

The weakest part of VPN security is in your choice of provider. Some VPN providers may still log all your internet activity so if privacy is your thing ensure you check what data will be kept and which country they are based in.

Beware that you are trusting your data to a third party so be sure to choose a reputable company such as NordVPN.


A VPN isn’t expensive, it’s a small price to pay for the security you receive. You can also use it on multiple devices so your protected all round.

Setting up and using NordVPN is simple and other VPN apps will work in a similar way.

  • Download NordVPN and open it
  • Sign up through the app

  • You can now pick a server from any country shown either in map view or tap list to see all the countries.

  • Tap the connect button next to the country you desire and it will initiate a connection to one of the servers in that country.

  • When connecting to a VPN for the first time you will probably get a pop-up like this:

  • Allow the connection and the VPN should connect.

  • You should see a connection status in your notification menu and a padlock icon at top of your screen.

Your now using a VPN to browse the internet. Your private internet traffic is now encrypted and your privacy is protected from prying eyes. You can now also access any country specific content from nearly anywhere in the world. Enjoy your new online freedom and peace of mind your internet data is now secure.

You can even choose to pay using various crypto currencies with NordVPN after your free trial.

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