Coin exchanges allow you to exchange your Bitcoin for Alt coins with other people using the platform.

You can create buy and sell orders to make trades automatically when your desired price is met.

There are many coin exchanges out there, finding a good exchange is crucial. High security is a must due to Bitcoin being irreversible and it’s potential to be used anonymously. Several exchanges have been hacked and robbed over the last few years.


The Binance exchange platform is easy to use and it’s security standards are very high.

It features many Alt coins, you get an individual wallet for each. Binance also offer 50% off fee’s if you pay trade fee’s using their own coin, the Binance Coin (BNB).

Binance features triple authentication when you use an app such as Google Authenticator along with the sites two factor authentication.

Before making a withdrawal from your Binance account you will need to enter your password, Authenticator code and then confirm the withdrawal through a link sent via email.

The process is quick and makes it virtually impossible for anybody to steal from your Binance account.

Be sure to try them out!