Buying Bitcoin

There are many ways to purchase Bitcoin, you can sign up to an exchange and buy them with your debit or credit card.

Many Bitcoin wallets also include a buy Bitcoin feature from within the app, be sure to check the exchange rate and fees.

You can use Localbitcoins to purchase Bitcoins directly from another person online or in your local area. On localbitcoins there are more payment options such as bank transfer, cash deposits, gift card payments or face to face trading for cash.

They have an escrow system on the site to minimise the risk of fraud and scammers, but ensure you read the information on the site to ensure you keep yourself and your money safe.

Try an internet search for ‘buy Bitcoin’.

There are many online exchanges to choose from, have a look around to find one which suits your needs.

Most sites will require you to upload photo ID by law when registering. It’s a quick and easy process, they just need photo’s or scans of your ID you don’t need to send anything by post.

If you buy from an exchange it’s not advisable to store your coins there, best practice is to send them to your own wallet and hold them there for security reasons. Coin exchanges are a prime target for hackers.

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